Cosplay Comedian Joe

After first doing a standup masquerade skit at Tekkoshocon 2008, Cosplay Comedian Joe has been performing in numerous different cons, big and small, old and new. Bringing his style of observational humor about all things otaku, Cosplay Comedian Joe has been gaining recognition as a rising star in the geek comedy world! (and he pulls no punches either!). Whether it be the trival, such as anime terms or the very important, such as ways to protect your pockey, or even offering the occasional word of wisdom to the otaku faithful, this standup comedian leaves no stone unturned as he dissects all things geek and keeps the laughs on coming!

Do you wanna hear hilarious jokes about your favorite anime, manga, or Japanese RPG? Well, this standup will have all those kind of jokes and more! It's a standup performance on anime and Japanese video games (and pretty much all other otaku culture as well!) by otaku standup comedian "Cosplay Comedian Joe".

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