Cosplay Masquerade - Download the Rules
Want to show off your costume to the crowds? Want to perform on stage with your friends for a chance at prizes? Participate in the cosplay masquerade!

Entry Form for Cosplay Events

Hall Cosplay Contest - Download the Rules
Do you get stage fright? Do you not want to perform in front of a crowd but you still want to have your costume judged off stage for a chance to win prizes? The hall cosplay contest is for you! More information coming soon!

Wandering Hall Cosplay - Download the Rules
Do you like randomly winning prizes for your costumes? This could happen to you! Inochicon will have some wandering hall cosplay judges who could give you a prize randomly on the spot for your costume!

Cosplay Masquerade Halftime Show - Download the Rules
Did you want to get on stage but didn't cosplay? Then this is your chance! Join us during the half time show which will take place between the masquerade entries/performances and awards ceremony for a good old dance off!


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